Medical Billing Solutions

The business side of medicine.

When you get the diagnoses right, then income increases.

Pretty fundamental.

But boy have we seen our fair share of faulty medical coding, and it’s the medical practice that ends up suffering. You deliver the medical service and you should be recompensed appropriately. To see more income, income that you justly deserve, assign your medical coding and billing work to Healthcare Billing Solutions.

Think of us as your ‘back office’ that’s just a phone call or email away. Problems disappear – and that’s not over-promising!

We have a singular focus on avoiding claim denials and submitting paperwork that’s correct and of the highest caliber. We are completely up to date on all HIPAA regulations and our documentation is exacting and clear. Privacy and security standards are rigorous – and we ensure that our medical practice clients are fully in accord with all stipulations.

These days it’s electronic transactions that expedite medical claims – our software systems are sophisticated and help us comply with the uniform “one national standard” methodology for medical coding.

Getting claims paid and preventing practices from being penalized – that’s our focus.

With this level of proficiency and attention to detail, you can rely on HBS to be your full partners when it comes to medical billing.

We want maximum yield and minimum hassles….just like you do!

We support a wide variety of medical specialties, including mental health, occupational therapy, physical therapy, family care providers, speech pathology, and many others.

At Healthcare Billing Solutions (HBS) we partner with you on customizing our services to meet your specific needs.

We have a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) and several Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialists (CMRS) on staff and we focus on the individual needs of each client.

Our medical billing and support services include:

Photo of stethoscope and cash

  • Insurance Billing
  • Review of Daily Charges to Insure Proper Coding
  • Electronic/Paper Submission of Claims
  • A/R Follow-up
  • A/R Recovery
  • Patient Billing
  • Unpaid Claim/Patient Balance Follow-Up
  • Payment and Adjustment Posting
  • Verification of Benefits
  • Authorization Management and Tracking
  • Appeals
  • Virtual Office

When you could lose a large portion of your income to lax record keeping or uninformed coding, you must shore up your systems and outsource the expertise.

At HBS we pay attention to the medical billing and coding details, we concentrate on maximizing your collections, and we get results!

Visit the FAQ page to find out how our healthcare claim processing services work.

HBS is located in the Northern Colorado area and we serve health-care providers around the country.

You can be rural, out in Brush, Colorado, with a small practice or run a huge medical facility in a major metropolitan area – either way, we’re here to serve you with cordial competency.

We speed up processes but maintain 100% accuracy.

We have an uncommon sense of urgency.

Turnarounds for reimbursements are expedited, but corners are never cut.

With a toll-free number, toll-free fax and e-mail we are always just a few moments away!

We are Proud Members of the American Academy of Professional Coders, the American Medical Billing Association, and the Multidisciplinary Academy of Affiliated Medical Arts.

Call us today – we’re very interested in helping your practice thrive.

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