Frequently Asked Questions

Why outsource medical billing to HBS?
HBS can reduce your overhead by eliminating the expenses you pay for billing, employee payroll, benefits, computer equipment, maintenance, expensive upgrades, and training. HBS is focused completely on securing maximum reimbursement for your practice.

How are claims and patient information sent to your office? In most cases, you can fax new patient information and claims to our office on a daily basis. For clients out of the area, we provide a toll-free number. You may prefer to send claims via regular mail or overnight on a regular schedule.

Can you handle clients outside of Northern Colorado?
Yes. Since most transactions occur over the fax, computer and e-mail, HBS can provide third party billing services to clients anywhere in the country.

Do you send statements to patients?
Yes. We can send patient statements after you have received primary and secondary insurance payments. We will also follow up with patients on outstanding balances.

Who do patients call if they have a billing question?
Our toll-free number is on all patient statements, and they are welcome to call us for any questions related to their accounts. If you prefer to route the calls through your office, we can arrange this, as well.

Where are reimbursements sent?
All checks will come to your office. Your staff will fax the Explanation of Benefits (EOB’s) to our office so that we may post the payments. All patients that are billed from our office will send the payments to your office as well. Your staff will fax us a copy of the check so that it may be posted to the patient account.

How much does your service cost?
Our fees are based on your needs with a goal to provide high quality, affordable, cost-effective services. Our fees can vary depending on your practice, size, volume and services needed. Give us a call to find out how outsourced medical billing services can benefit your practice.