Are you Extending Credit to your Patients?

If the patient leaves your office after getting a service without paying you in full at that time you are extending credit to that patient and should be aware of the Federal Truth in Lending Laws. Federal Truth-in-Lending Act All policies and procedures used in collection must conform with both federal and state law, and any [...]

Tricia DiBartolomeo joins HBS as a partner.

After nearly three years of working with Healthcare Billing Solutions (HBS), Tricia DiBartolomeo joins Ann Marie Brunk as a partner in the business. Tricia is very passionate about getting claims paid properly and treating our customers with respect.  She is a person of high integrity and is very conscientious of how work is done. For [...]

Mobile Phones and Healthcare….. So What’s the Problem??

I am seeing more and more healthcare providers using their mobile phones to communicate via text with patients and while researching found an article related to this practice and the potential HIPAA violations.  Here’s a snippet from that article…. So what’s the problem?  Unfortunately, traditional SMS messaging is inherently nonsecure and noncompliant with safety and [...]