About Tricia

Tricia DiBartolomeo didn’t enter the health-care profession with the goal of billing insurance companies on behalf of providers. But after taking on the responsibility while also serving as a dental assistant, she discovered that she rather enjoyed and even preferred the financial side of the industry.

Tricia, of Atco, New Jersey, joined Loveland-based Healthcare Billing Solutions in April 2013 as a partner after nearly three years of working with the company.

In 1999, Tricia began her education to become a certified and registered dental assistant and even obtained her dental x-ray license while working full-time as a dentist assistant and insurance biller. Once she was named a Certified Dental Assistant by the Camden County Technical Institute in New Jersey, she split her work week between dental assisting and insurance billing. She soon began providing insurance billing for clients in her free time, with one eventually referring her to Ann Marie Brunk of Healthcare Billing Solutions in June 2010.

“She quickly demonstrated her knowledge of insurance billing,” Ann says. “Tricia is very passionate about getting claims paid properly and treating our customers with respect. She is a person of high integrity and is very conscientious of how work is done. For the past two years she has run the business when I’ve been away and done a phenomenal job. ”

Between performing the job for former employers and the work she has done since 2010, Tricia has 15 years of experience in the field. What Tricia hadn’t learned when she was referred to Healthcare Billing Solutions she has learned from Ann, and she continues to gain knowledge and experience from her studies to become a Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist.

“It definitely prepared me,” she says of her on-the-job training. “It’s allowed me to get firsthand experience.”

Since starting to work for Healthcare Billing Solutions, Tricia has become a member of the American Medical Billers Association.

“I have really grown to enjoy working with Ann so much,” Tricia says of working for and now as a partner with Ann. “Over the years I’ve taken over more responsibilities with her company. I see what the company is all about and I like the fact that I’m still able to help the clients and get them where they need to be.

“I like working side-by-side with Ann. She’s a wonderful person and she’s extremely knowledgeable; I’m continuing to learn so much from her on a daily basis.”