Comprehensive Medical Billing Services

Healthcare collageHealthcare Billing Solutions (HBS) was launched in 2006 as a professional, full-service medical billing company dedicated to providing you with comprehensive, personalized, cost-effective claims billing and patient accounting services.

Never has navigating the health care system been more difficult, collecting payments more time consuming, or running an office more expensive. Yet these aspects of operating a healthcare practice, though necessary, distract from the time and attention your patients deserve.

The health-care industry is ever-changing and physicians realize that to stay competitive and remain in business, they need to manage their practices more efficiently. In addition to caring for patients, medical practitioners must staff and manage their business offices, file insurance claims, follow up with insurance companies when their claims haven’t been paid, respond to requests for additional information and complete enormous amounts of paperwork. All of this distracts from the most important part of your practice – your patients. Using a healthcare billing service like HBS ensures that you can stay on top of claims billing and coding, authorization management and appeals and patient billing and follow up.

Consider just a few of the benefits of outsourcing your medical billing to HBS:

  • Daily electronic submissions expedite your reimbursement;
  • Frees up your staff to focus on providing superior care;
  • Eliminates in-house billing employee salaries, vacations, sick days, and payroll taxes;
  • Eliminates the need to send employees to billing seminars or additional training;
  • Eliminates hassles of employee turnover;
  • Professional follow-up, appeals, and complaints submitted to the proper agencies.

When you outsource your billing needs to HBS, you will be gaining an additional caring, dedicated staff without the costs of employee benefits, payroll taxes or overhead. You’ll save time, have less stress and peace of mind knowing that your practice is collecting as much income as it is generating.

Allowing HBS to handle your billing will free up your time to focus on your patients.